The concept was born over a pint.

The original line up first performed in a pub... Anyone noticing a theme?

(Ah... That's why they're called The Fat Pack!)


In 2010, The Fat Pack came together to perform for our very own Stuart Everett's Nth Birthday Party, and haven't looked back since. The trio met many years ago on the Amateur Dramatics circuit in Hertfordshire, but along the way, they met their fourth member and the group as they are now have been performing together for 8 years. She didn't quite fit in with the aesthetic they had in mind, and that they had worked so hard for years to achieve, but there was no way they were finding new 'punny' name for the group, so they're working on feeding her up. Progress to date...None.

Here is a little more about them.

Mr Stuart "My Way" Everett

 Stuart is our resident expert in Swing.

 Voice - Baritone

 Influences- Frank, Bing, The Kinks

 Signature Song - The Way you Look Tonight  


Background - Stuart is a performer through and through, having been treading the boards for as long as anyone can remember (and longer than half of The Fat Pack have been alive!). He is especially known for his powerful voice (he's loud) and his bravura song choices (he's a show-off). After training to be an actor he made the mistake of getting a proper job and has not looked back since. Not only is he the 'swinging' heart of the Pack, he is the resident technical expert and runs the other branch of this entertainment dynasty, "Raggyoke". His chosen philosophy - Every silver lining has a cloud!


 Mr Ian "One more for the road" Byrne

 Ian is our Country connoisseur.

 Voice - Light Baritone

 Influences - Willie Nelson, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and The Chieftains

 Signature Song -  Ain't That A Kick In The Head




Background - Ian grew up listening to both types of music, Country and Irish and as you can see from his influences, has a fairly eclectic taste. He started singing in the pubs around Willesden and Neasden in the late '80's and he hasn't shut up since! A chance meeting with Stuart in 2001 whilst they were rehearsing for Oklahoma! for Kenton Light Operatic Society spawned a friendship that would later result in The Fat Pack being born. Ian's particluar favourite swing singer is Dean Martin, as you might gather from his set list, and not just for the reason that you can do your act propped up against the bar with a drink in hand!



Miss Rachel "Lady is a Tramp" Simpson

 Rachel is our Musical Theatre Maestro.

 Voice - Alto-Mezzo 

 Influences - Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Ethel Merman

 Signature Song- Man That Got Away


Background -  Rachel first started singing at the age of nine, when she played Eliza Doolittle in a school play, but only really found her voice when she played the title role in 'Annie Get Your Gun', some 15 years later. She regards herself as a character singer and is obsessed with Musical Theatre as a result of  watching  and starring in many musicals in and around London and Hertfordshire. She never passes up an opportunity for a good belt! In rehearsals, she likes to improvise comedy dance routines for all of the songs, but strongly objects when Stuart and Ian do the same. You can thank her later...  



Miss Samantha "Luck be a Lady" Ings

 Samantha is our pop princess and takes  care of the musical arrangements and  choreography.

 Voice - Mezzo-Soprano

 Influences - Barbara Streisand, Anastacia, Queen.

 Signature Song - At Last

Background - Samantha started dancing at the age of 3, learning RAD Ballet and ISTD Tap and Modern. Her brother, a musician himself helped Samantha find her voice and in more recent years her love for the guitar. She started performing in Musicals at school, and it was at this point she realised singing was something she wanted to take more seriously. After Training at Penny Meekings' Teacher Training College, Royston, and widening her knowledge of all the performance arts, she became a qualified dance teacher. As well as teaching Students at Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts, she uses all her 6 years experience to teach Stuart and Ian to move vaguely in time to the music.